Fashion’s Psychological Impact

The world in which we live in today can definitely take a toll on one’s mental health; especially college students. We face challenges and pressures that cause us to feel overwhelmed such as living on our own for the first time. This feeling can often progress to more serious issues like depression and anxiety. However, there are many remedies that can help the uneasiness of living alone or suffering with depression in general.


The one remedy that has been scientifically proven to work is dressing better. Research has confirmed that fashion is actually, in a sense, brightening up the mind with positive thoughts. One study found that after asking a group of men and women when is it that they feel their best, all the woman in this study answered with “a well-done face of makeup, a little black dress, and heels”and the men all answered saying they feel their best after a good shave, a newly pressed suit, and a good-smelling aftershave.

man and woman

My number one rule of fashion is never let your mood effect what you wear; dressing down only reinforces a negative mood. Someone might wake up in the morning feeling like nothing has a purpose, but if they put on a nice dress with heels or fresh jeans with a Polo shirt, there is almost an instantaneous mind change. They will walk with more confidence, smile more, and just all around feel better about themselves.

Fashion is one of the most effective ways to help yourself feel better. Whether it’s as small as nerves before finals or something much larger and more life-threatening like depression, dressing well makes you feel well.


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