Why We All Need A Juicy Couture Track Suit Comeback

Ladies, it’s 2017 and we’re less than two months way from 2018, it’s time to step up our game and bring back the Juicy Couture tracksuit. I officially decided it was time when I took a short trip to NYC last weekend to visit my sister. I was walking along Fifth Avenue with my mom, sister, roommate Jackie, a family friend of ours, Mrs. Doran, and her daughter, Natalie. We walked past an empty building that is now available for lease. My mom pointed out that was where the Juicy Couture store used to be located. To be honest, I was feeling a bit sentimental. I used to love going into that store and seeing all of the beautiful decorations, handbags, jewelry, and of course, the rainbow of tracksuits hanging.

It soon became a tradition to go into the Juicy store. We used to vacation in South Carolina with the Doran family and each time we went shopping we made a point to stop at our favorite shop. We spent hours in there, looking through everything, and obviously trying on a multitude of tracksuits. They were just so comfortable, and I felt like a mini Kim Kardashian, all I needed was a multicolor Louis Vuitton monogram bag.

I guess I don’t know what went wrong, what made us stop wearing these trendy sweat suits? Slowly but surely, it’s making a comeback, and we can’t deny it. Aerie is now selling velour joggers and matching zip-up sweatshirts. Of course, I got some so I can feel like a young Juicy girl once more. I wore them around campus one day and someone actually asked if I was wearing a Juicy outfit. I sadly shook my head no. I did ask their opinion on bringing back the iconic tracksuit and they strongly agreed. I mean, I feel like girls miss throwing on their sweatpants and sweatshirt to run some errands around town, or just hang out with friends. A person can do no wrong when wearing a Juicy tracksuit.

I follow Paris Hilton on Twitter and she is always posting throw-back photos of her from the early 2000s, and long behold, she is of course rocking her Juicy tracksuit. Don’t we all want to be Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in the early 2000s? Maybe not with the white oversized sunglasses and extreme low-rise jeans, but don’t we want to feel like we own the place when we walk into a room in a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit?! There are so many trends that have reincarnated from the 2000s, and I believe this should be one of them. We’ve waited long enough. So, I’m here to make a proposition. All it takes is a few girls to start wearing them once again, and BOOM we’re back in business. Ladies, we need to CHOOSE JUICY.

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