Amazon: The Next Go-to Apparel Destination?

It’s no secret that Amazon has been changing the retail landscape drastically and recently, they’ve been trying to grow the apparel sector of their business. Here’s why it could work out for them:

Millennials Don’t Care About Brands Anymore

no brand

According to an article by the Business of Fashion, millennials don’t shop for the logo as much anymore. This came as a surprise for me because I see plenty of things on social media that suggest otherwise until I read further in the article and reflected on my own shopping habits. In the article, it states that there are a lot of generic searches, not specific name -brand searches, suggesting that we don’t care about the logo necessarily, just whatever comes up first. Looking over my shopping behavior from the past 7 years, I’d believe this is true. Before, brands were all the rage and making sure that logo was clearly noticeable was a must, but now, I prefer things that don’t have a logo across the front as do most of my friends. Sure, I want quality items, but I’m not brand specific, I just want anything that’ll fit my needs, which is what the article explains. And sure, there are brands that I really like, but I’m not going to choose that one over another if the other proves to be better.

Amazon and Private Labels


With that said, Amazon is focusing on developing their own private labels to get their apparel business booming. This has proven to work for retailers like Target. Amazon is also not focusing on having large profit margins or how many units they sell. Instead, Amazon is just focused on being the best by having 5-star reviews. Focusing on customer satisfaction is always a plus and I could see why this is a main goal for them. If customers see high reviews, they’ll definitely purchase it. Getting that good publicity will bring in new customers and create customer loyalty. Focusing on making a lot of money by having a high markup while the product is average will only turn customers away and won’t help Amazon grow as a go-to destination for clothes shopping.

Amazon and Established Brands


With Amazon dominating the retail business, there’s a couple options for outsiders: work with them or work against them. Some established brands have decided to go with option number 1. Over the summer, Nike began selling their shoes directly through Amazon, and Calvin Klein has created products exclusively for Amazon and set up pop-up shops in NYC and LA where the fitting rooms are equipped with the Amazon Echo Look device where shoppers can send in photos and the device will recommend the best one.

While some brands fear working with Amazon will make customers lose respect for the brands, they must do something to keep up with Amazon, or they could be the next victim. How do you feel about apparel shopping on Amazon?

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