4 Must-Have Winter Coats

In my opinion, Winter is one of the harder seasons to dress for. I either sacrifice style for warmth or vice versa. The perfect coat is crucial to a winter look and there are so many to choose from. Invest in any one of these and your wardrobe will be complete!

1. The Shearling Coat

sherling coat

These kinds of coats tend to be on the pricier side but, Topshop and Free People make more affordable options. Compared to other options I am going to list, this style will definitely keep you the warmest without too many layers underneath.

2.  The Puffer Jacket

pufer coat

Lately, I have been obsessed with this kind of coat! I own an ankle length Patagonia for those long walks to class across the Drillfield, but for a night out, I am willing to be a little cold and go for the cropped option. Plus, you do not want to be holding your jacket the entire night and risk losing it. These cropped puffer jackets will look good with any outfit and you will not want to take it off! I think the metallic one in the photo above is so cool and unique.

3. The Faux Fur Coat

fur coat

For fancier events, a faux fur coat is timeless and will never go out of style. Once you invest, I guarantee it will last you a lifetime. Unrealfur.com has amazing luxury faux furs if you are looking to splurge. They are so glamorous and will make you look so put together!

4. Leather or Suede Motorcycle Jacket

leather suede

These are on the thinner side, but with a few layers can also be really cute and cozy to dress up any outfit. I think every girl needs a nice leather jacket to have throughout life. It goes with everything, season to season. The brand BLANKNYC makes some of my favorite suede and leather jackets. This piece is for sure a must have.

An investment in any of these options will be the perfect addition to your closet. Don’t sacrifice style for warmth any longer and treat yourself to a new coat!

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