3 Ingredients for Healthy Skin

Winter is here, which means the air is a colder and dryer. Check out these beauty and skincare tips on how to keep your skin having a healthy glow while not getting dry or flaky!

My sister is very into natural remedies and essential oils, and it has definitely rubbed off on me. She’s showed me a few tricks that I have incorporated into my everyday beauty and skincare routine that I now swear by.

Coconut Oil

Coconut milk and coconut oil on wooden table

The first being, yes, coconut oil is the answer to everything. Instead of using a normal lotion or moisturizer after I shower or just for an everyday thing, I use coconut oil. It smells great and it leaves my skin feeling very soft. The best part about coconut oil is that it’s all natural, so there are no harsh chemicals in it that can cause irritation to the skin. Also, a little goes a long way. My jars of oil last me for months because even though I’m using it every day, it’s such a small amount. It’s an inexpensive product and because it doesn’t need to be replenished as often as a lotion, then it definitely saves money. Not only is coconut oil good for moisturizing, it can also be used as a makeup remover. Makeup remover itself is basically oil, so this works just as well. Before I wash my face, I just take some coconut oil and put it on just a basic cotton round and rub that all over my face and it removes almost all of my makeup. I also noticed that I don’t breakout from using the coconut oil on my face like I used to when I used real makeup remover. Coconut oil is also good to use for homemade hair masks or to help control frizz if you have curly hair.



I have always struggled with acne and my skin is very acne prone. My sister suggested that I start to wash my face with raw honey. I know, it sounds so weird, but it actually works. Honey is naturally antibacterial so it’s awesome for fighting off acne. It has really worked for me and I use it every morning and night. It’s also good for anti-aging and giving skin a young, healthy glow. I have noticed that it has evened out my complexion and I have a glow which is awesome. To use it, just wet your face slightly because if it’s too wet the honey will dissolve on your skin rather than cleanse. Then, dip your fingers in the jar and just massage it gently on your face and then rinse to make sure you get all the stickiness off. Seriously, it really works!

Castor & Almond Oil

almond oil  castor

My last trick is actually something I swear by. I struggle with combination skin, so sometimes it’s dry and other times it’s super oily. My sister suggested I make a mixture of one part castor oil and one part almond oil to use as my every day moisturizer. At first, it sounded weird to me to use oil on oily skin but this stuff is incredible. I recommend it to everyone. My skin is not oily at all anymore and it doesn’t get nearly as dry as it used to. It also helps to fight acne and keep my skin clear which I love!

There are so many awesome homemade beauty tricks and remedies out there that I prefer to use over the ones in stores because they don’t have all of the harsh chemicals. Natural remedies are awesome to use because they don’t clog your pores and irritate your skin!

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