5 Warm & Chic Fashion Essentials You Need this Winter

As the temperatures are dropping, bundling up is becoming a top priority, especially in Blackburg’s harsh cold and wind. However, being warm this season doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. With just a few winter essentials, looking stylish and staying cozy will go hand in hand.

Blanket Scarf


Blanket scarves are a must-have accessory when the weather gets cold. These over-sized scarves are an extra layer of extra warmth. Because of their size, you can wear them in a variety of styles to add another element to spice up your outfit and keep your upper body warm.

Turtle Necks


Turtle neck is the perfect way to bundle up and keep up with the latest winter style trends. With so many different variations like mock necks and cowl necks, there’s plenty of options so it’s easy to find the right amount of warmth and coverage for the weather that suits you.

Wool Socks


Wearing a pair of warm, wool socks under your boots will keep you toasty and adds an extra kick to your outfit. You can find wool socks in many different lengths and colors to find the perfect pair to go with your favorite winter boots.

Fleece-Lined Leggings


Warmth, style, comfort; you can really have it all with a good pair of fleece lined leggings. With a discrete, fleece lining on the inside of your leggings, you can achieve a sleek look with plenty of warmth built in.



Layering is key in the winter. Pairing a tighter base like a turtle neck or long sleeve with a looser layer like a cardigan or knit sweater is a great way to combat the cold. This also adds depth and different textures to your outfit.

Stay warm out there, Hokies!



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