Model Auditions: What to Expect

If you haven’t heard already, the Fashion Merchandising and Design Society is holding their annual fashion show on April 12th and are actively looking for models.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “me? walk in front of hundreds of people? no way!” Well, honestly, that was me last year. I heard auditions were approaching and I thought “no way am I doing that,” but with a little persuasion from a friend, I auditioned, and had a blast.

I had the fortunate opportunity to talk to this years model coordinator, Lydia Wagoner, about what it was like her first time and what you can expect at auditions this year.

Me: What was it like your first time auditioning to model in a fashion show?

Lydia: My first audition started out a little rocky because I didn’t even know how to walk but I wasn’t the only one; that really helped me to relax more and walk a bit more confidently.

Me: Is there any further advice you’d like to share to those considering auditioning?

Lydia: Most people don’t know how to walk the first time and that’s okay! We are all there to learn from each other. Also, don’t be afraid to put your own spin on the walk; we love to see creativity!

It’s also important to be relaxed and be yourself! Don’t try too hard.

Models will be given numbers, get their head shots taken, and of course, be asked to walk.


January 30-31, Wallace Hall Atrium, 7:30-9pm 

Ladies wear all black and heels – Men wear all black (or black shirt and jeans) and black shoes

Check out the link in the Enchanted Fashion Show Instagram page to sign up! (@enchantedfashionshow)

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