The Grammys: Music or Fashion’s Biggest Night?

Ahh, the Grammy’s: music’s biggest night. Although it is the biggest night for music, it is a huge night for fashion as well. There are always people who kill it and then there’s some who could definitely work on their looks. This year, I thought everyone did pretty well.



In my opinion, Beyoncé can do no wrong, especially wearing a Nicolas Jerban black dress with thigh high slits on both sides. As per usual, Queen Bey slayed the competition. Unfortunately, she did not walk the red carpet, but her and Jay-Z killed it as always. Jay-Z was in an all-black suit and their very adorable daughter, Blue Ivy, was wearing white to stand out amongst the three of them. Besides Kanye West and Kim K West, Jay-Z and Beyoncé always know how to make a statement. Oh, and all of the jewelry she wore for the Grammys was worth 6.8 million dollars. Wishful thinking.


Camilla Cabello in red is a winner for me. She looked amazing in a beautiful Vivienne Westwood gown and a Judith Leiber handbag (nice touch, Camilla). I’m not one to like dresses that lack bling, but, I really liked her dress because I thought she wore it perfectly. It was a very classy look for the Grammys. Nothing crazy like some people try to pull off, instead, very simple, but most definitely effective. I think my favorite part of her on the red carpet was her very awkward encounter with Nick Jonas. At least she looked stunning.


Speaking of Nick Jonas, the Jonas Brother looked very handsome in John Varvatos. I thought he pulled off this look very well. Definitely more casual for the Grammys, but just like Beyoncé, Nick Jonas can do no wrong. I wish he was walking the carpet with his two brothers, Joe and Kevin, but unfortunately, not all wishes come true. Nick did confirm that the Jonas Brothers are not planning on having a reunion now. Sad. BUT, “never say never” he told Ryan Seacrest. There is still hope.


Just like Nick, another man that worked the red carpet was definitely DJ Khaled and his son Assad. As always, Assad kills the game each time he makes an appearance with his father. They looked adorable in their father/son red velvet suits that matched perfectly with the red carpet they walked along. If I were Assad’s age, I would get in line to be his friend; I bet he hosts the best play dates.

Yet another Grammys has come to a close, but no one will ever stop talking about the iconic looks that hit the carpet this season. I love watching the show, but of course I love watching the red carpet even more. For any upcoming award shows, be sure to keep an eye out for social media posts by E! News of celebrities in the “glambot” because you do not want to miss those fashion close-ups.

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