Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

February 14th… the day almost every girl dreads besides the ones lucky enough to be in a relationship. The thousands of Instagram posts clogging your feed, full of couples professing their love to one another gets old, but lets be hones–deep down every girl is secretly wishing they had plans or a secret admirer on Valentine’s day. For those of you who do have plans, whether they are with your significant other or just going out with close friends, this article is for you!

Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to dress a little sexier and girlier than your usual self. I feel like the classic move on Valentine’s Day is to bring a girl to dinner. This leaves you with so many options on what to wear!  You want to look your best, but not over or under-dressed. If you’re in a serious relationship, I wouldn’t be shy on asking where you’re going or some kind of hint so you can narrow down your outfit. No matter what you’re doing, these pieces can be incorporated into your Valentine’s day look.

  1. Polka Dots

dots polka

Regardless of what kind of restaurant you’re going to, you cannot go wrong with a casual dress, leather jacket and booties or heels if you know it’s on the fancier side. I have been loving the polka dot/printed trend lately and it is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s day. The print is so flirty and fun which could not be more fitting for the holiday. Pair the pants above with a simple black or red top, booties, simple jewelry and you’re good to go. The polka dots can be a statement, but they can be understated too. As long as you are positive you’re not going to a fast food kind of place, dress up a little more for your partner!! Valentine’s day is the perfect night to do it.

2. Black

blk blk 2

If you’re not a polka dot kind of girl, that’s fine, you can still keep it simple on Valentine’s day. Black is always a go-to color, and not only is it flattering, but really sultry as well. Gold hoops, a simple necklace, a black bodysuit and blue denim instantly makes you look mature and put together. Off the shoulder body suits are an awesome option so you’re showing some skin, but not too much. I also love the idea of a blouse with some lace details as well. Not to mention if you wear black you can do almost anything with your makeup. A pink, blush-toned eyeshadow would be really romantic or maybe a statement lip to add some color to your look.

3. Velvet

velvet  velvet2

The velvet trend has definitely been around for a while now, but it is very fitting for a night out on the most romantic day of the year. Just about every piece you can think of is made in velvet. A black velvet blazer would look very polished, yet a little scandalous with jeans and a crop top underneath like the photo above. A velvet slip dress would be adorable as well. If you invest in a velvet piece. there is no doubt you would be able to wear it again which is also a plus!

Obviously the way you look and dress is important on a date, but as long as you’re confident in your own skin, you’re golden! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s day.

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