Look for Less: The Fur Trend

I can’t even put into words how happy I am that fur is trending. Fur has always been an iconic accessory to add to any outfit, whether casual or a night out. I remember a few years ago, my mom was getting ready for a formal Christmas party and she had a fur wrap that went along with her dress. The entire look was completed once she put it on and ever since then I fell in love with fur.

fur slides

In today’s fashion world, fur has made a strong comeback. Gucci actually brought fur into shoes. They have these really awesome loafers that are fur lined, but unfortunately, they go for a whopping $995. Target took it upon themselves to recreate that exact shoe, but instead of it completely making my bank account quiver in fear, they made it smile. $24.99 I paid for my fur lined loafers and it was one of my favorite purchases yet. Personally, I really like the design of jean jackets that fur lined. I just got one from Urban Outfitters because my friend has it and she just looks so trendy and warm. While looking at NYFW street style this year, I noticed many celebrities are strutting their stuff in either a denim jacket and fur lining, or just an oversized, fluffy fur coat.

fur again.jpg

I know that fur can definitely be expensive, but there are some cheaper ways to go about hopping on the trend. The denim fur jacket I bought from Urban was originally $120, but since spring collections are starting to come out, the price dropped to $68. Urban is amazing because they also offer student discounts through certain student discount websites such as Unidays and StudentBeans. Be sure to register for those to not only get discounts on Urban, but discounts from many other brands across the globe.

bear fur

The bear fur coat is also huge. I remember first seeing it at Abercrombie and Fitch around Thanksgiving and soon after that I saw so many girls rocking it. I think that is such a cute and unique way to still incorporate fur into your wardrobe. I do not personally own one, but I have heard they are very warm and cozy. This was another fur type coat I saw people sporting on the streets of NYC during this spring’s fashion week. There are many places to get this type of coat and for much cheaper. Urban has one, but it’s around $80, and for a college student, that’s definitely a bit much. Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Amazon has some reasonably priced ones. Always be sure to check to see if any store or brand offers a student discount because any type of savings matters!

Personally, I hope that fur is here to stay. I think that the oversized fur trend is really working in our modern fashion, and I hope it lasts. I like how designers have incorporated it into shoes, bags, denim jackets, or other types of jackets. I think it’s really working and we need to keep this trend in high demand!

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