What’s in my Bag?

As the designated “mom” friend, I’ve learned that you can never be too prepared for anything. There’s nothing better than having exactly what you need in time of crisis. Having just a few essential items in your purse can go a long way. Here are some things I always have in my bag.


The key to starting a perfect bag is practicality. A basic to always have is your wallet, of course. A great wallet with plenty of storage is a must-have. Make sure to carry all your cards and IDs , but also remember to have cash in case you find yourself somewhere that doesn’t take cards. Some loose change is also good to have for tipping, paying meters, and more. Similarly, a pen is great to have for when you have an idea or need to write down a reminder.  

For makeup enthusiasts, as much as we wish we could carry our whole collection, that could be bags full. But, a couple products can help touch up your makeup throughout the day. I like to carry concealer, lip balm, lip gloss, and mascara. Plus, a compact mirror is great to have in case you can’t find a mirror.

Other essentials to have in order to keep yourself primped are sunglasses, a nail file, lotion, hand sanitize, and hair ties. Sunglasses protect your eyes and can add to an outfit too in case you feel like you need an extra kick. A broken nail can be a nuisance throughout the day so a nail file can be a quick solution. Likewise, lotion is great to have for whenever your skin is dry, especially in the winter. If you get scented lotion, it can also double as perfume. Hand sanitizer is also a necessity to fight germs for when you can’t get to a sink. Hair ties are much needed in case you have a bad hair day or need to get your hair out of your face to focus.


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