Best Sunless Tanning Products

Summer is quickly sneaking up on us which means it’s time to get tan! It seems like in today’s age, people tan year-round so when summer comes around, they’ve got a head-start. Sure, being tan is so nice, but we have to keep in mind the best ways to get that bronze glow are ones that don’t damage our skin. Tanning beds are effective for achieving a natural year-round tan, but they are definitely not the safest. Personally, I have never used a tanning bed because although I will always have a nice tan, the long-term effects that come along with it are not worth it in my opinion. Rather, I have used a plethora of different self-tanning products which help me look like I just got back from a long beach vacation without permanently damaging my skin!

Jergen’s Natural Glow & Jergen’s Instant Sun Mousse


I think the most common product people hear about is Jergen’s Natural Glow self-tanning lotion. I used this when I was much younger and though I did find it effective over a period of time, I have found other products that work much quicker and give the same natural color. I have heard that Jergen’s Instant Sun Mousse works very well, but I personally have not tried it. The good thing about Jergen’s products are they are very cost friendly and can be found at almost any drug store during any point of the year.

spray tan

Spray tans are another very effective way of achieving that perfect tan. I think people sometimes get scared to get a spray tan. Usually, it’s because they’re afraid of looking orange. In college, it’s so nice to get a spray tan every now and then because they are not that expensive, and they last for up to two weeks.

Beauty by Earth Natural Sunless Tanning With Organic Ingredients


My personal favorite sunless tanner, which is also very nice to my bank account, is the Beauty By Earth Natural Sunless Tanning With Organic Ingredients. I discovered this amazing product through my dermatologist who recommended it to me. I am starting to become more cautious of the types of products I use on my skin, mainly because most of the name brand products out there have a lot of harmful chemicals that aren’t too great for your skin. I am in no way saying those products are bad and shouldn’t be used because I do still use some, but it’s just a personal preference of mine to try and avoid them. This is my favorite tanning lotion because not only is it all natural, but it works instantly, and it even smells good! I recommend applying it with a tanning mitt which can be found at most beauty stores or can be purchased online. My mom discovered the other day that this specific brand of sunless tanner can be found on Amazon for even cheaper than what I pay for it! I highly recommend investing in this. My tan lasts for a while and looks completely natural.

Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tan


rodan 2

Last, but certainly not least, I recommend the Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tan! This stuff is actually incredible. It leaves absolutely no streaks and gives off the perfect natural, even tan that everyone is looking for. I notice that foams sometimes work a little better than lotions just because they have more color to them, dry much quicker, and start working instantly. This product is really nice because since it is a foam, it dries really fast and works almost instantly and even contains Vitamins E and C while also helping to retain moisture.

My two absolute favorite products I love to recommend to people looking for that sunless tan is the Rodan + Fields Foaming tan and the Beauty By Earth because they are the most effective and cost friendly. It’s always good to have a reliable sunless tanner that lasts and looks good.

Keep in mind some of these products as the warmer weather comes around and don’t forget to wear sunscreen when out in the sun!

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