TagWalk: The Google of Fashion

Recently, I ran across a website that claimed to be the first “search engine of fashion”. Like google, you can type in any brand, season, trend, city, style, color, or fabric and search through thousands of articles and pictures. I played around with the website for an hour or so, clicking on all of the tabs and reading articles about the latest events and news in fashion. Fascinated by how organized the search engine was, I became curious as to who came up with such an amazing idea and low-and-behold I found her: Alexandra Van Houtte.


As a fashion assistant in Paris, France for big magazines like Glamour and international versions of Vogue, she struggled, like many, spending hours looking for ideas for photoshoots and mood boards, thinking, “why can’t there be something that minimizes  the time spent doing this?” And that is when TagWalk was born.

At first, Houtte had a hard time getting investors interested. Many were skeptic about the website and felt that it only catered to the lower levels of the fashion industry (i.e. the bloggers and fashion assistants). However, Houtte felt it would benefit the fashion industry as a whole and kept pursuing investors.

As she kept working on TagWalk and trying to find someone who equally saw its potential, Houtte ran across Carmen Busquets, an investor from Venezuela. Busquets is known for being a co-founder of Net-A-Porter, one of the world’s first online luxury fashion retailers. Busquets saw the potential in TagWalk and provided Houtte with the beginning funds she needed to get TagWalk going.

TagWalk has now been live since 2016, and since it is subscription free, anyone is able to access to the website. TagWalk is not only subscription free but also ad-free, allowing you to freely search the search engine without any distractions. The website also allows emerging labels and designers to be featured next to bigger houses for only a cost of $175 (more established designers and labels pay around $520).

With the success of TagWalk, young entrepreneurs everywhere are given the hope thy need to not give up on their dreams of being successful, while also providing smaller brands the chance of a lifetime.


•To learn more about TagWalk, visit: Business of Fashion, Carmen Busquets’ Website, or TagWalk.•

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