The Brand Girls = Lifechanging

Not to be dramatic, but The Brand Girls saved my life. BG is a professional career and confidence workshop that is equivalent to an SAT workshop, but instead of working to get into college, BG works to get that dream internship.


Last semester, FMDS hosted a BG #GirlBoss party where an ambassador of the company presented and explained this incredible opportunity. I sat there in awe of how amazing this program sounded, and I just couldn’t wait to jump in. All of the attendees were able to go through a link to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Rachael Boszik, CEO and founder of The Brand Girls. I immediately signed up and that was the first step I took in changing my future for the better.

I spoke with Rachael a few days later and almost cried when we hung up. She told me about all of the incredible opportunities that I could have through BG, the connections I was going to make, and all of the experiences I was going to go through. I couldn’t wait to get started. After speaking with Rachael, I signed up for the program and haven’t looked back since. I now serve as an ambassador on VT’s campus to spread the word about how absolutely amazing The Brand Girls is.


When a girl signs up to become a BG, she is assigned a specific coach who guides her through 4 sessions about building a personal brand, resume building, professional networking, and a mock interview. Each session is 45 minutes long and are held via Skype call with your specific coach. I was assigned Adrianna who works as a Fashion Assistant for Glamour Magazine- I fangirled over her when we first met; I was so excited!

As stated, the first session is about building your very own personal brand. I never thought about how important this was but it truly helped me figure out who I was as a person and how I can use my strengths to network my way through the fashion world. I spent an hour on Skype with Rachael as we discussed my personality traits, different career fields within the fashion industry, and many resources that are available to me to help me gain more knowledge and insight about the fashion industry. The second session is all about resume building; I love to brag about how awesome my resume looks, and I credit it all to Adrianna for helping me go in depth in my past work experiences.

The third session is all about networking. I never really thought about how important that part of applying for jobs and internships really is, it’s all about who you know. I was given professional email templates and taught how to properly follow-up with employers and make a personal connection. I recently was going back and forth with a woman who works in PR at Louis Vuitton (crazy I know right!).

The fourth session is a mock interview where you take everything you have learned and put it into action. I was interviewed exactly how I would be interviewed for a job and I was so prepared because  BG helped me gain confidence in all of my answers to the questions I could asked.


The girls in this program are so empowered and driven to get what they want, it’s inspiring.. I love every second of being a Brand Girl and I can honestly talk about how amazing it is for hours and hours. It’s something I am so passionate about because us girls need to stick together and build each other up so we can excel in the working world. True girl power radiates from every single one of us at Brand Girls and we love empowering other women to take hold of their future and get what they want.

Check it out and book your free 15-minute consultation with Rachael so you too can change your life! I am not in any way paid to market or promote the company, I am just so passionate about it and I want to share with everyone I know so they can feel empowered when applying for their dream job. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all about the program, I’m more than happy to answer.

Remember- empowered women, empower women.     -Email-

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