2019’s Boldest Trend: Color Blocking

With the end of the 2018 fashion weeks, styles and trends have been set forth for the upcoming seasons, and one of the top trends seen was color blocking.  Color blocking pairs multiple solid colors that go against each other to create bold and bright outfits. Traditionally outfits would consist of a top of one color which would go against a bottom piece or under shirt of another color. What seems like a style coming back from the 60’s, color blocking was quickly adopted into street style after being revived on runways this year. Raf Simons’s 2011 Jil Sander menswear collection is a great example of the last time color blocking was popular until now.


Now designers are making their own modern edits to color blocking which can fit well with other ongoing trends. Primarily what has been different from previous color blocking trends is that designers are breaking all the rules to color blocking. Many popular designs now are single items that are color-blocked. Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection features a wide selection of color-blocked sweatshirts, with the size of the panels being different in each, while featuring a large variety of color combinations.


Neutral color blocking is an easy fit to create, but what really gets people’s attention is messing with bold colors.  Calvin Klein’s collection this year by Raf Simons showed off how there are no longer any rules to color blocking, and provoked color blocking with accessories.

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So, whether it’s neutral color basing or a mix of vibrant colors that catches everyone’s eye, color blocking is without a doubt one of this Fall’s boldest trends.

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