How To: Transform Modest into Sexy

When someone hears the word modesty, long skirts and turtlenecks usually come to mind.  Most people would never find modesty to be sexy. However, there is a way to make modesty sexy; it involves the idea of mystery.  Everyone is so quick to believe that sexy means wearing less clothes and showing more skin, but that is not the case. The truest form of sexiness comes from leaving things up to the imagination. It’s about giving people a sneak peek in order to get them intrigued but being sure not to reveal everything all at once.  


In order to apply this to your everyday outfits, you must first pick what part of your body you want to embellish that day; whether it’s your shoulders, legs, or even curves, and style accordingly. For example, if I want to showcase my shoulders, I would wear an off-the-shoulder top, jeans, and a pair of heels. Heels are a secret weapon when it comes to sex appeal. They not only dress up any outfit, but they depict an attitude of control and power; which everyone can agree is very attractive. 

My favorite way to show off curves, while still being modest, is to pair any fitted dress with a biker jacket.  Biker jackets embody the idea of mystery; they not only have a “bad-ass” connotation, but also alludes to danger, which is a sexy quality to depict with ones style. In my opinion, heels and biker jackets are the two biggest staples when it comes to pulling off the “sexy” look and it is still possible to be modest in doing so.


While people still have different ideas of what the word sexy means, it is important to remember that you don’t have to show off the most skin in order to be considered beautiful or wanted.  The most sexy thing a person can wear is confidence; confidence is about loving who you are and never apologizing for it. It’s the one article of clothing that no one can take away from you.


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