Bringing Bell Bottoms Back

It’s no surprise that bell bottoms are back in style, as we’ve seen them all over magazines, runways, and clothing websites. Bell bottom pants can be dressed up or down, easily giving the illusion of a slimmer leg. That’s why we love them! Since they are becoming more popular for everyday wear, you may wonder how to incorporate the trend into your everyday style.

Retro flare is making a comeback that reaches everyone’s personal style. With bell bottom trousers, a modest blouse and heels, you are easily on your way to work looking more fashionable than ever without giving too much effort.


Of course the 70s denim bell bottoms spices up the average everyday skinny jean. It can make a simple, casual look more fun and flirty. Many fashion brands have gone beyond the simple bell bottom by adding distressed flare and patterns to the pant.

Whether you are going to a fancy event, cute brunch place, or an just wearing an everyday fit, the versatility of bell bottoms will spice up any look you desire. So, don’t be afraid of the flare this season because this 70’s trend is here to stay!


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