The First King of Coach

After a successful year with Black Panther and his upcoming release of Creed 2, Michael B. Jordan is able to check one more amazing accomplishment off his list: becoming the first-ever male face of Coach.

About a month ago, Michael B. Jordan announced his new partnership with Coach in an Instagram post as the first ever face of Coach’s menswear line. While working closely with Stuart Vevers, Coach’s creative director, on some “special design projects” that will reflect his personal style, Jordan will also be starring in advertising campaigns for male clothing, accessories, and fragrances for the Spring 2019 season.

While being a part of all creative aspects of the brand, Jordan will also have the opportunity to be involved in Coach’s philanthropy, The Coach Foundation; which supports high-impact, nonprofit organizations that specialize in helping teenage girls from under privileged areas to achieve their dreams. The Coach Foundation also supports the causes that Coach employees are passionate about through volunteer initiatives and matching programs.


The announcement of Michael B. Jordan being added as a face of Coach is a reflection of the new era that the brand is forming. Coach has been taking their time, handpicking celebrities that they feel would have a greater impact on the company, who share the brand’s ethics and values while also establishing a level of uniqueness to the company.

Wondering if this is Coach’s way of playing a role in the movement of diversity, many have pointed out that Coach has a Latin woman (Selena Gomez) and an African American man as the global faces of the company. Fans cannot help but wonder since earlier this year Jordan announced that his production company, Outlier Society Productions, would be adopting the Inclusion Rider for all future projects. This means that all future projects will include a very large variety of people onscreen and in behind-the-scene positions of his productions. This will include women, people of color, members of the LGBT community, and others who are not as often represented in Hollywood.

As Coach continues to move forward, making an even larger name for themselves, they are creating a new brand for their company. While doing this, they also are continuing to stand for positive values and working with celebrities who stand on the same platforms as they do and share the drive to make it happen.


•To learn more about Michael B. Jordan and the new menswear campaign, visit GQ and Variety.•

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