Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe

It’s that time of year where everyone is excited about fall, and who wouldn’t be? Cooler weather calls for cozy days and the clothing reflects that with chunky sweaters, boots, and fuzzy socks. Sometimes it can be difficult to make cold-weather outfits feel unique to you, though. Year after year, it seems as if everyone looks the same during this season. If you find yourself wearing the same outfit every day this fall, here are a few easy tips to recreate a new, unique look using items from your own closet.

The first lesson of pattern mixing is to keep to a certain color-range. Using the color wheel, you can eye which colors complement which. When color blocking, using a complementary color scheme will keep the look chic. For example, orange and blue are complementary colors because they are opposite each other on the color wheel. Other examples include adjacent colors, monochromatic colors, and analogous color matching. Making sure to stick to a color scheme will ensure your look isn’t tacky or too over-the-top!

Choosing Patterns


Keeping color in mind, pattern mixing is simple. When using different patterns, make sure each piece shares colors. When using similar patterns, invert the colors. Despite popular belief, mixing plaids gives major cool points. As long as the color scheme is good, your look is sure to be foolproof.

When choosing patterns, one method is to choose one accent, or main piece, and keep the rest basic. For example, use a colorful plaid coat as an accent piece and pair it with a neutral top and a neutral pant in a different print. Another method is to try using stripes, horizontal or vertical, as your neutrals and build off of that. Setting a good foundation for your look will make picking out the rest easy and stripes are a cool, sophisticated way to do that (Pro tip: Polka dots work just as well, too!). Pairing cheetah print (Cheetah print goes with everything, in case you didn’t know), florals, or plaids with stripes, when styled right, almost always work together.

Choosing the right silhouettes makes a big impact, too. If your patterned skirt is full and voluminous, your loose-fitting patterned top might make your look a bit busy. Instead, opt for a slimmer shirt for balance throughout your look in silhouette as well as pattern and color.

Playing with Texture


Combining different textures in clothing gives off an interesting, confident vibe. Instead of pairing the stripe top with a floral skirt, substitute for a sequin skirt or leather pants. Knitwear is not the only fall textile! Fur, leather, and sequins are chic and weather-appropriate, plus they totally count as a print!

And lastly… all of the points above are just suggestions, there are really no rules! Have fun with this and wear your look with confidence!

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