Shoe Game: The Ones That Look Like Socks

In Cardi B’s hit song, I Like It, she raves: “I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks.” Well, Cardi is not alone in liking this 2018 shoe trend because on the feet of high fashion folk everywhere are sock shoes; making them stand out as one of the year’s top footwear fads.


Odd at first sight with their ridge textured soles and knit exteriors, sock shoes are, quite obviously, a sock and shoe hybrid. They are also a light yet sleek sneaker with various color options and memory sole technology, making them easy to sport casually. The sock shoe draws certain running shoe characteristics, such as those of Nike, that aim to give runners a comfortable, light, and breathable footwear experience. Evolving into the means of high fashion, for those who can afford these $750+ sneakers, they are a streetwear staple beloved by celebrities such as Cardi B, 21 Savage, and even Gwyneth Paltrow and Mary-Kate Olsen.


One of the most prominent vendors of the trend is Balenciaga with their speed trainers; other brands taking up the trend are Vetements, PradaFendi, and Balmain. The shoe has evolved from simple black and white designs to more graphic and color punching exteriors as well. Additionally, Vetements, Balenciaga, and Fendi have amped up the shoe with neon socks and bursting typography to adorn the surface.

Balenciaga and Vetements have also implemented sock exteriors on their bootie to knee-high heels as well. Vetements Lighter Heel Sock Boots pushes the boundary of the knit sock exterior even more by adding heels made of flashy colored cigarette lighters. Balenciaga’s knife pointed heels use a more jersey, spandex stretch than knit sock materials that come in the bootie and thigh high lengths. The designs go from simple shades of color to bright reds and purples and even bold graphics of leopard print, wild flowers, and even playful puppies.


Love them or not, the sock shoe trend has stuck throughout the year as one of the front runners in the bold shoe game of 2018. With Cardi B’s memorable line in her hit song further boosting the shoes popularity, they continue to evolve and restock. Hopefully as the Autumn weather rolls in, the shoes will come with an extra layer of socks!


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