Nasty Gal: Trending Looks

Nasty Gal clothing is one of my favorite brands on the market right now. Their bold and edgy outfits are items I love and are must haves this fall. Nasty Gal Vintage is a clothing brand founded by Sophia Amoruso; the inspiring girl-boss, at the age of 22, turned a simple online e-bay store into a successful women’s retail store in hopes to gain extra money for her and her aunt. Amoruso revamped vintage clothing and promoted them by styling, photographing, and shipping the items herself. Her business soon became a major hit and became into one of the fastest growing companies in online retail.

The million dollar company was soon bought out by BooHoo and continues to sell dazzling and inspiring looks. The brand “Nasty Gal” motivates women to dress their best in clothing that expresses who they are, which is why I love their clothing so much. Here are my top 10 Nasty Gal looks! 

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