Ballin’ On A College Budget

Keeping your wardrobe fresh and stylish is hard to do when in college and on a budget. I always feel like I have to buy a new outfit for every occasion; and my bank account does not agree. Luckily, some stores look out for students and always have student discounts through certain websites. Thank God, someone wants us to save money! Because of my shopping addiction, I had to learn ways to avoid spending so much when I want to update my wardrobe.


This first tip seems kind of cliché, but when I say it works, it works! I learned this from my mom since we always go shopping together; the first thing I do when I go into a store- no matter what store it is- I always check the sale rack first. Yeah, it can be last season’s tops that are being marked down for 60% off, but it can also be stuff from this season marked down for 60% off. I remember in September, I went to American Eagle and found an insanely cute jumpsuit, flannel, belt, an pair of leggings all for 60% off! I ended up spending no more than $70, all because I started at the sale rack. Majority of the things I buy, I buy on sale. My sister always says to me “Nicole you always have new things, where are you getting them?” and I always respond, “on sale!” As annoying as it is to sign up for emails from stores it pays off because most exclusive offers come through email first. Always check the sale section while shopping online too, and even though it fills up your inbox, subscribe to your favorite store’s emails to always here first about exclusive sales and offers they have!

The other day, my roommate was telling me about how she needs to buy new leggings but hates it because both athletic and non-athletic leggings can be so expensive. She told me she had recently bought a pair from a name-brand store and they were $80. I was in shock! Every now and then I’ll treat myself to expensive leggings, but not very often. I looked at her then looked down at my Calvin Klein leggings and said, “I got these for $17 at T.J. Maxx.” She couldn’t believe it; some people make a big deal about shopping at T.J. Maxx and how they don’t like to go in there because their items are often last season and what didn’t make the designers cut, but the ways to save money in that store are amazing! I proceeded to tell my friend about all the leggings, Calvin Klein underwear AND bras, Nike shorts, and more that I’ve bought from TJ Maxx for half the price of retail. T.J. Maxx even sells high-end makeup such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Marc Jacobs, Too-Faced, and Stila!


While these two tips might seem obvious, if implemented regularly they really can help save money and result in you having more money in the long run to spend on non-sale items! College is stressful and retail therapy is a real thing, but don’t let it drain your bank account! Always keep an eye out for student discount websites and always ask if the store you’re shopping at offers one! 10% may not sound like a lot, but overtime, its impact is huge!


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