Get Cash from Old Clothes

With the holiday season and Black Friday approaching, you are sure to be out shopping. With these impending shopping sprees, you may find yourself short on two things: closet space and money. As you purge through your closet, you might as well make some cash off of it!


So now that you have your pile of clothes you are ready to part with, you are probably wondering, “How will I make money from this?” As a starter you could post into a buy/sell group on Facebook. With a quick search, you’ll be able to find these groups for your area, sororities, or even specific items/brands; this is an easy place to start.

If you are looking to expand your horizons a bit more, you could try selling on various re-sale sites. Poshmark is one of my personal favorites and it takes less than five minutes to create a profile! From there you simply snap a picture of your clothes, write a short description, and choose a selling price.

Mercari is another site where you essentially go through the same process. Sites like this are nice because a third party deals with shipping and money, you simply drop it off at the post office and then a direct deposit will be made to your bank account!


ThreadUP is another online selling site, but unlike Poshmark or Mercari, they pay you upfront. After signing up, they will send you a bag to put all your gently used clothes in, after sending it back they send you your check and handle all the buying and selling from there. No stress for you!


If online selling isn’t your thing, you could try taking your clothes to a consignment store. Plato’s Closet is a popular second hand store that will buy your unwanted clothes from you. The only thing is that these stores are not always willing to buy all of your items; some do no accept specific brands so it may be a hit or miss.

Also, remember that you can always simply donate your clothes to various charities. Either way, your clothes are sure to find a new home where they will be more than appreciated!


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