Easy Cash 101

We all know it isn’t easy making money while being at school; balancing academics, a part-time job, and social life can be too stressful for the average college student. But, stress no more! Here are a few simple ways that any college student, boy and girl, can earn extra money with minimum effort, and no time commitment!

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Selling clothes at Platos Closet

The most effortless and easy way that I love to earn extra cash is selling my clothes to Platos Closet in Christiansburg! It’s so simple and only takes about an hour out of my day. Simply take all of your clothes that are out of style, unworn, or not your size anymore from your closet, put them in a container and take them to Plato’s! There they will process each item and determine whether it can still be available for sale and give you cash back!

Slicethepie App

Even better; getting money from your phone! If you enjoy music and writing this is perfect for you. Slicethepie is an app that pays you to write reviews on new songs from unsigned brands/artists , fashion items, and commercials before they are publicly released. Plus, it’s free on the app store!

Drop App

Honestly, who doesn’t love getting paid to shop? Drop app makes it easy to get cash back on certain items; all you have to do is link your debit or credit card and you will earn points for all the purchases you get on the app. As your points add up, they are converted into rewards that can be redeemed into gift cards!

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