Lead Like a Woman

One of the biggest and most affluent movements today is the female empowerement movement. Female empowerement has become possibly one of the biggest goals to be fought by millenials and it is not only a trend to give women a platform to speak about their experiences but a newborn neccessity. In every type of media and industry, you can find a strong willed woman, or many more, expressing herself and what it means to be strong while uplifting others in the process. And the fashion industry is not left out on this moving list.

Ralph Lauren, one of fashions most influential figures and even one of the richest, introduced ‘Lead Like a Woman‘, a three-part video series. ‘Lead Like a Woman’ is an uplifting video series with a strong message of a “Sisterhood of Leaders” and discussing the significance of female support and the gap between female and male leadership. His leading face for the cause is Jessica Chastain, an actress you may recognize from Zero Dark Thirty, Interstellar, and The Help. While maintaining her public appearance as awarded actress and film producer, Chastain also maintains a love for the female empowerement cause. She has even had the opportunity to choose and play roles that promote female empowerement.


Chastain’s voice in the video, and what she and other women had to say, really zeroed in on why it is important for more women to be put in leadership positions and also why it’s significant that women support each other. In fact, the very first issue tackled in the video is the idea that women do not support each other. Chastain talks about how women are usually the most supportive of other women since they understand how difficult it can be to climb the corporate ladder in a man-dominated industry. Despite the way women are portrayed in media – catty and self-absorbed – women do lend each other a helping hand and this video connects that to female leadership. “Women who are in leadership positions tend to hire more women down the line,” a direct quote from the ‘Lead Like a Woman’ video; this is critical to the point of the video as well as female empowerment in general. Overall, Ralph Laurens video is a great symbol of the female empowerment movement. It shows the idea that one thing, one female in a high position, can to lead to smaller yet very important changes that inspire others to join the movement as well.  


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