How to Keep Your 2019 Resolutions

With the 2019 quickly approaching, New Year’s resolutions are approaching as well. Now, I know each and every one of us can relate to our past resolutions that haven’t made it further than January. I know for me, I have always done the typically eat-healthy-and-go-to-the-gym resolution. As usual, I lose my motivation and give up. I want to accomplish these goals but how do I stay on track? I have come up with some easy tips and tricks to keep my 2019 resolutions that can hopefully help you too.

First things first, come up with a list of what you plan on accomplishing. This could include academic resolutions, lifestyle or relationship resolutions. Once you are finished with that, it’s time to narrow it down. Broad resolutions are a big no-no; we want to aim for very specific. I know I have a tough time with this, so an example would be having the original resolution as “go to the gym a lot and eat healthy.” This is clearly so broad and won’t last. Change this to working out at least twice a week and try a different vegetable or fruit each week. It seems small, but you would rather start smaller and keep up with it, than start big and have it not last.


The next tip I would recommend is the visual list. You want to have your list where you can see it every day. This could either be making it your phone background or having it taped in your room. Seeing this list every day will remind you of your goals and what you want to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be all pretty looking (even though that is nice too) but it needs to be seen.

One of my favorites tips is small little treats for yourself. By this I mean, treating yourself every few weeks or so when you either accomplish a goal or are staying on track with a goal. For me, a reward could be a trip at the mall or a yummy meal. This motivates me even more because it makes me look forward to something fun!


One important thing to remember is that it’s okay if you have a bad day. Just because there are a few bad days, does not mean you should give up. Persevere and remember why you wanted to accomplish this resolution.

Here is to a happy, healthy and safe 2019!

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