The City That Never Sleeps

As I’m currently in the Big Apple, I couldn’t help but share about all of the styles I’ve seen within the past couple of days. I am overwhelmed with the amount of good fashion I have witnessed. With the temperatures more on the chilly side, the people of the city have bundled up. But, just because they’re extra warm doesn’t mean they are any less stylish. From the pea coats, to the furs, New Yorkers have not come to play. I always get so inspired in the city from walking the blocks and seeing so many diverse styles and fashion trends.

But, what inspires me the most is the beautiful window displays throughout the city. First on my list of incredible window displays is the stunning designs of Saks Fifth Avenue. This years’ theme was based around colors so each window had a different color scheme full of various colors. The Saks 2018 windows were called “Theatre of Dreams” and are accompanied by the famous light show on the front of the building. I watched the show from across the street and it was truly magical! It’s set to all the best Christmas music and is a definite must do for anyone looking for Christmas fun in the city!

Saks Fifth Avenue

Further down on fifth ave, Bergdorf Goodman holds another rather impressive display of windows. These over the top creations are designed under the theme of “Bergdorf’s Goodies”. The whimsical designs feature cookie making and gingerbread houses along with futuristic fashion pieces. Here’s a picture of one of the 2018 Bergdorf windows.

Bergdorf Goodman

Bloomingdale’s was my favorite window display this year. The theme of “The Grinch” had all of the public staring. The Grinch was in the massive windows that also highlighted Bloomingdale’s mannequins with high hair and high fashion. The live-action version of the classic Dr. Seuss tale featuring Jim Carrey is played on repeat on the porthole-sized screens. “Holiday Who Wonderful” is the title of one of the windows that also features “Whoville Karaoke” with popular Christmas songs; and of course, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” is on that playlist. This window display was my favorite because it was an interactive experience that was fun for all ages. Here’s the “Holiday Who Wonderful” window.


Walking through the city and seeing the different windows is definitely a fun experience. Just like seeing the Radio City Rockettes or skating in Rockerfeller Center, I would definitely recommend taking a walk over to Fifth Avenue to see the lively windows of fashion, fun, and holiday cheer!

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