The Virgil Abloh Experience

In the fashion industry, it is important for people to be aware of what’s hot and what’s not. Whether you care more about the most recent collections, models, or designers, it comes in handy to know who is really perfecting their craft and earning the attention of the masses. One specific designer, who has recently been catching a lot of attention from all sorts of audiences, is Virgil Abloh.

Virgil Abloh, a personal favorite designer as of late, was born and raised in the outskirts of Chicago. After high school he attended University of Wisconsin-Madison to study civil engineering, and then the Illinois Institute of Technology to study architecture. Despite not majoring in fashion design or immediately following the path of a designer, Abloh possessed an amazing eye for detail and cultivating aesthetics. His career in fashion began in 2009 when he founded RSVP Gallery, an art gallery and menswear boutique in Chicago. That same year, he interned at Fendi alongside Kanye West, and even joined an organization founded by Kanye called Donda that helped find and showcase young Chicago talent, as creative director who oversaw projects and designed merchandise for the organization. This fortunate opportunity allowed Abloh to become close with Kanye West, who was front row at his first Louis Vuitton fashion show years later. Recently, he has accumulated a lot of hard earned recognition and success as the creative director of Off-White and the artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Not only is he said to be an extremely innovative and smart designer, but he is also the first African-American to head Louis Vuitton as the artistic director. This was a huge stride for both the fashion industry and the black community since there are few African-American designers in such a high position. Right now, there are only two other African-American designers working at the same level as Abloh; Olivier Rousteing, who is the creative director for Balmain and Shayne Oliver, the creative director of Helmut Lang. “I now have a platform to change the industry… So I should,” said Abloh in a recent interview.


The black community isn’t the only audience he has or the only audience that is rooting for him. Virgil Abloh’s intelligence and innovation has a strong presence over social media as well. Standing at 2.6 million Instagram followers, Abloh’s social media platform does major justice for his brands and designs. His platforms, in media and design, highly encourage millennial’s to enter, understand, and interact with the fashion world and interact with his actual shows. “In Paris, Abloh staged the most buzzed-about fashion show with Off-White — in which hordes of fans swarmed the entrance in the hope of getting a glimpse into his influencer- and model-filled world”, wrote Footwear News. Virgil Abloh has a true gift for transforming his shows into a true experience and is certainly catching a lot of buzz for his work.

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