GALentine’s Day

For all us single ladies out here, our favorite day is upon us; ah, yes, Valentine’s Day! A lot of us can agree that this is such an obnoxious day, especially when you are boyfriend/girlfriend-less. Snapchat and Instagram are filled with everything you don’t want to see: couple posts, giant teddy bears, flowers, and cute little love letters; scrolling past these cheesy things makes us feel extra single on this day. Well, fear no more because I am here to tell you how to have the best GALentine’s Day ever!

First things first, get a group of girl friends and make a group chat. You all can take a moment to acknowledge how single and lonely you are, even though in reality you have the best people surrounding you.

Next, decide on where you will all get together. Definitely steer clear of restaurants, because we already know all of the couples will be hogging those. Food wise, you are going to need lots of snacks, because come on, who can resist that? Heart-shaped Chik-Fil-A nugget tray? That is a must. Chocolates? That isn’t even a question.

Post food coma comes the time when everyone starts to go through social media. To avoid feeling sad, pre-plan with your girls to look super cute in either comfy clothes or trendy clothes; it is now time for a photo shoot! So many girls can agree that they love to take pictures. So what is better than getting a fire Instagram photo with the girls?


Finally, the night is really winding down and it is time for a movie, of course! Whip up some of that good movie theater butter popcorn and bust out the fuzzy blankets to complete the night. Some movie recommendations I have, if you are in need of a cry, would be The Notebook, Dear John, The Longest Ride, or The Last Song.

Well there you have it, the perfect GALentine’s Day. Hopefully I was able to help make yours a great one!

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