Accessorize Me

I looked at my closet and 50% of it was just black and white tops in different styles with plain denim skirts and pants but barely any color or pattern. I realized that even if you don’t care or feel comfortable enough to venture out of the basics and neutrals when shopping for clothes, accessories matter and can really make or break the look!

The new trend I’ve noticed recently are detailed belts paired with a basic, monochromatic outfit. The belt catches the eye immediately and makes a boring top and bottom look very fashion forward. You can search just about any embellished belt that you like and many fashion brands like Forever21, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Free People are constantly coming out with more and more different belt styles to add to your collection.

If you follow any bloggers or fashion influencers on Instagram, you already know that funky sunglasses are back from the decades before. Bright colored sunglasses with a white crop top and ripped high-waist jeans will make it look like you tried quite hard but lets be real, we really didn’t at all. It’s so popular now to stand out with the weirdest sunglasses around!

Last, but certainly not least, the basic bandanna can be used in multiple ways to dress up your outfit. A silk bandanna tied around your waist, with the length dangling from the side, is the easiest DIY belt out there. Along with using a bandanna as a belt, many people are tying them over a hair tie to add detail and some fun to the basic ponytail. Literally tie a bandanna around a purse, hair, jeans, neck and it adds a trendy retro vibe that cannot be beat!

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