Back to Basics: Transition Pieces

In our little corner of Southwest Virginia, Blacksburg’s weather changes its mood more than Gucci gets bad PR. The turbulent forecasts go from sunny and 75 on Monday to “Are classes going to be canceled because of these eight inches of snow” on Tuesday. This not only makes the AC/heating in the dorms tough, but the transition from winter to spring complicated. Thankfully, layers and accessories exist, and help make this time of year full of fun jackets, big hoops, and prints bearable, and maybe just a little fashionable.

When looking for transitional pieces, there are three things you should keep in mind. First, how would I wear this in season A and season B? Secondly, can I wear this in more than one way? And finally, is this piece a trend or timeless? We all love a good trend, but it’s nice to invest your budget into a piece that is timeless.

First and foremost, during the forty degree mornings and sixty degree afternoons, layering is a tricky necessity. My mother once told me a jean jacket is the army Swiss knife of any wardrobe. Splurge on this Madewell denim number, or head to your local Goodwill for a budget friendly, truly vintage look (bonus points if you get your thrifted jacket tailored)! Throw the denim jacket over a basic white shirt, pair with cool cut of dark wash jeans, and finish it up with a printed slip-on shoe, and BOOM, a perfect, “I didn’t try to look so dope, it just kind of happened” outfit is born. If you get too warm, slip the jacket off and let it hang off you shoulders like Kim K or wrap it around your waste for a grown-up nod to middle school.


Next, it is time for us to trade our XXL Sherpa’s for a lighter weight pull over. For a preppy wardrobe,nthis classic VV “Shep” is a major asset, the color is painted with spring in mind but the funnel neck protects against the bone chilling wind of the drillfield during colder seasons. For something a little less neon, this pastel Champion hoodie is another essential (and it’s on sale!). Layer these with a tee underneath, or with our beloved denim over, a pair of leggings, some white sneakers, and some over-sized sunglasses for a dash-to-class kind of day.


“Thou shall not forget that the wash makes the jean,” is too often a forgotten proverb of fashion. A simple switch from your favorite dark wash jean to the same cut in a lighter color makes any outfit more seasonally appropriate. One of my favorite things to do is take a budget-friendly denim and embroider the waist band or back pocket to make the pant appear higher quality!


As far as accessories go, I live by Coco Chanel’s rule of removing one accessory before I leave the door; less is so much more. I say invest in a few medium to high quality pieces of jewelry and call it a day. My go-to’s are pearls or these Kendra Scott hoops. Ms. Scott also sells whimsical charms to slide onto the hoops, which makes for an upgrade to any look. Dainty rings and a few thin necklaces also add to the freshness of any outfit!


Another accessory that gets an honorable mention is the bandanna. A much more detailed post about the versatility of the bandanna is up on VT Vogue and is definitely worth the read! I love to throw a bandanna in my hair, especially when I have half of it pulled back. It always makes me feel vintage and oh-so flirty when I do! This Free People beauty is user friendly and so silky! For an even more adaptable bandanna, head to Walmart and tie it to your bag; it gives such beach-y vibe and you never know when you may want to spice up your ponytail!


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