College Fashionista 101

Want to be a part of a community that is all about getting you ready for your future? College Fashionista is “a global, digital community of thousands of college-aged fashion and beauty influencers sharing their insights while learning real-life skills from industry insiders to help propel their future careers today.” It allows college-aged students to be able to have access to the behind-the-scenes action of the fashion and beauty industries. You can follow them on Instagram for motivational posts and stories and subscribe online to get even more access!

If you go on their website and select “Subscribe,” all you have to do is enter your email and you’ll get exclusive details on career and style advice. If you want to become a community member, go on their website once again and select “Apply”, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says, “How Do I Join?” and fill out the application. Being a community member gives you different types of networking opportunities, job and internship board access, career advice, opportunities with major brands, the ability to be featured on their social media channels, and even opportunities to be published on their website! Once you become a community member, you then get further access to the applications for their exclusive College Fashionista Fellowships; they are accepted three times a year, in the Fall, Winter, and Summer. 

The many different kinds of things you can find on College Fashionista’s website are fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and career related topics. The articles range from advice to news to trends; you can read about how to refresh your space for the spring, how keeping a journal can help ease the mind, or how to stay motivated. There are also really helpful articles about how to look for internships and how you can launch a fashion career from anywhere!

College Fashionista is here to help in ways you may have never thought were possible, such as making adult things seem a little less scary and much more attainable. Along with that, you can also get amazing fashion and beauty advice to help pull your whole life together! College students helping other college students to get started on their future careers is what it’s all about. Never miss an article! Check them out at, and their Instagram, @cfashionista!

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