Spring Into a Break

As Spring Break approaches our excitement builds! For many of us, it is a time to escape from our busy schedules and pick out new adventures to break us from routine.

However, although spring break may be a time for exciting new plans, I want to emphasize the break in ‘spring break’. It is important to take time for yourself throughout your hectic days. With a full week approaching, here are some helpful tips on how to relax and re-energize yourself this spring break!

march blog pic one

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for you to soak in the sun! If you’re in a rush from running around, remember to breathe and shut your eyes, even if only for a few seconds, for a couple minutes and remind yourself to bask in the beauty of the outdoors! This is a perfect way to refocus in short bursts of time.

For full body relaxation, try dripping water onto your wrists and behind your ears! This may sound strange, but those locations have strong arteries underneath the skin and can facilitate immediate soothing and stress relief!

march blog pic two

If you’re looking for some more energizing stress relief, break it down on the dance floor and jam out to your favorite tunes! Dancing and listening to music have been found to be extremely effective stress relief methods and are great ways to stay active and release those endorphins!

Overall remember to do what makes you happy and spend time with the people who make you smile and feel stress-free during these upcoming spring days.

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