Something Old, Something New: Showpo Set to Launch Bridal Line

Showpo has been a rising name in the online fashion industry over the last few years and is continuing to become more and more popular with online customers.

After leaving her successful job at KPMG International in accounting, Jane Lu failed at her first startup company with her friend doing pop-up shops in bars and under-appreciated locations. However, Lu stayed determined to pursue a startup, she took her failed lessons from her first company and created Showpo, an online fashion company based out of Sydney, Australia. Showpo’s goal was to bring trendy, affordable clothes to young women all over the world. Using past experiences, Showpo has made sure to listen to their customers and understand what millennials truly want.

Since 2010, Showpo has gone from three brick-and-mortar stores to  completely online and even moved from six offices due to growth, expanded internationally, gone from only 14 employees to 80+, and has continuously increased revenue with plans to reach $71 million (USD) by 2020. Jane Lu has received numerous awards, over 30 to be exact, and her company was named Online Retailer of the Year in 2018.

As Showpo continues to take over the online fashion industry, they continue to listen and pay attention to what their customers truly want while also paying attention to concerns and arising global issues.

After many months of posting wedding dress inspired hints on the Showpo Instagram, Lu announced last month that she will launching bridal gowns to the company’s website in May. After noting Showpo’s success with their formal wear, it was only seen as fitting to be the next step in the company’s plans. Six designs will be launched in the new bridal wear line and all the dresses will retail for around $200. Even though the new line has yet to launch officially, Lu has already started designing the next additions to the collection.

With most wedding gowns averaging between $2,000-$8,000, without even having a well-known designer’s name on the label, many women are unable to afford their dream wedding gowns. As Lu has begun planning for her own wedding, set to take place in October, she has only become more aware of the outrageous prices. Lu has said that she plans to interpret her own gown into a more affordable one for the site later this year as well.

Many are hoping that after this release Showpo will continue to expand their new bridal line into bridal accessories and wedding shoes while others are waiting to see if the dress designs will actually be of good quality or just something that will be scene walking down the aisle of a Las Vegas wedding. But for us fans of Showpo, and the success Jane Lu has become, we cannot wait to see what comes next for this amazing company!

•To learn more about the upcoming bridal line or Jane Lu and her success story, visit: Showpo, WWD, or Finder.•

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