Beyoncé x Adidas

Just a few months after making headlines for buying out Ivy Park from Topshop’s Phillip Green after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced in the British Parliament, Beyoncé is asserting her influence in the business world once again. In a collaboration with Adidas, Beyoncé has found a new home for Ivy Park.

In what Beyoncé called “the partnership of a lifetime,” she will relaunch and remain the owner of Ivy Park, become a creative director for Adidas, and create clothing as well as shoes. She further explained by saying, “we share a philosophy that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront of business,” in her announcement.

Beyoncé’s statement details the values that the collaboration is based upon; they vow to defy the expectations of typical athleisure to be more inclusive and create a new vision for the style. The line is based on the power of athletics but the duo also aims to support female leaders, empower youth, evoke change, and inspire creativity. They’re determined to “inspire change and empower the next generation of creators,” according to Adidas’ Eric Liedtke.


The deal also emphasizes Beyoncé’s pioneering as “one of the first black women to be the sole owner of an athleisure brand.” Furthering her impact, rumors have spread that she declined a collaboration with Reebok due to their lack of diversity, though Reebok has responded claiming those reports are false.

These headlines centered around Beyoncé and Ivy Park over the following year have stirred deep, meaningful conversations about inclusion and diversity in both the fashion and business world, continuing to illuminate the role that Beyoncé has played in changing the industry. Her presence and brand carry a great deal of influence thanks to her loyal fan-base and success, so the decisions she makes for her brand have a global impact. By being aware of the social issues in the industry, Beyoncé exemplifies that they must be confronted so that the fashion world can change for the better. 

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