Tyler Mitchell: To Beyonce and Beyond

24-years-old and already seasoned far beyond his years, photographer Tyler Mitchell has become a force to reckon with. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Mitchell first got behind the lens capturing skate videos as well as music, fashion, and youth culture photographs. All of that lead to him becoming a student at Tisch School of Arts within the renowned New York University where he received a bachelors of fine arts in film and television. Despite those concentrations, in his two years post-graduation, Mitchell has pursued a career in fashion photography and seen great success.

Mitchell hit a defining moment in 2015, continuing his pre-collegiate interest in capturing skating, Mitchell took up capture the skating scene in Havana, Cuba during a study abroad trip. With these photographs, he created “El Paquete,” a 108 page photobook that attracted recognition with acclaimed photography magazines Dazed and i-D. Now, those two companies are amongst several esteemed hirers of Mitchell’s eye for imagery. He has climbed from Dazed to Vogue to Beyonce with remarkable pace that only continues.


Possibly above the Obama’s in most famous people in our society is Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Beyonce is a national treasure amongst the masses of music lovers and being in her presence is an honor most only dream of having. Needless to say, collaboration with the proclaimed queen can be a tide turner to any artists career. However, not only musical artists are affected by working with Beyonce, photographers like Tyler Mitchell are too. After previously working with Solange, Mitchell got to add working with her older sister to his curriculum vitae last August. With fierce, yet flowery images captured of Beyonce, working with her was not the only cherry on top; Mitchell made history by becoming the first African-American to photograph a cover for Vogue Magazine at the ripe age of 24.

During his own come-up, Mitchell also notably worked with rapper Kevin Abstract amidst his origins to success. Taking on his filmography side, Mitchell worked with Kevin Abstract to create music videos equally as compelling as the music playing over them. Both have risen to fame in a short time of hard work with well deserving talent. Mitchell continues to applicate film to his pursuits with short, yet captivating videos from photoshoot sets.

Just in February, Mitchell photographed Ana Wintour and Kendall Jenner. Nevertheless, he maintains a deep interest and advocacy of representing African-Americans in and through his work. He thematically captures young black men and women with beautiful imagery and sentimental tones. He often calls upon minorities when he is in need of models, as well as assistants, anywhere around the world where he is grounded for the time being.


Tyler Mitchell is a young jetsetter in the world of modern photography. Since the historical Beyonce cover, Mitchell’s name has been the subject of much talk in the worlds of fashion, photography, and African-American culture period. He has also partnered with artist agency Art Partner, who he formerly interned with. His Instagram followers have spiked to 215k, and every now and then he reveals something amazing. One of his latest posts shows a cover image for Dazed magazine’s latest issue and he captioned it, “16-year-old me always wanted this.”


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