Finding Truth in #MYCALVINS

Calvin Klein is known for the iconic #MYCALVINS series, but their recent campaign has gained plenty of attention for their advertisement that features an array of notable and diverse celebrities centered around every individual’s personal truth. In addition to some of the previous faces of the brand, such as Kendall Jenner and Shawn Mendes, the campaign features new front-runners of their respective industries like Kevin Abstract, Billie Eilish, and Chika Oranika.

Though Calvin Klein has always had noteworthy features, this particular project focuses on the individuality of each celebrity. Mendes’ focus details his life story, Noah Centineo discusses his scars and emotional vulnerabilities, Eilish reveals her insecurities, and Oranika speaks of empowerment and confidence.

The other segment highlights more of the powerful voices of our generation including A$AP Rocky, Indya Moore, Troye Sivan, and Yoo Ah-in. Just within this group, there is representation for a multitude of people including the LGBTQ+, Asian, and black communities; advocates for mental health and activism are featured as well.


Shot by Jonas Lindstroem, Calvin Klein emphasizes the campaign’s “cast of cultural catalysts.” By including such a diverse group with a spotlight on their lives. In addition to the individual featurettes, the main segment also features Abstract embracing his partner, Jaden Walker, and the other celebrities with attributes personal to them.

This is such an important campaign as it gives a platform to so many voices and causes. With this kind of diversity and inclusivity, viewers all over the world can see people like themselves in the mainstream media with a positive light.

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