Rebranding Victoria’s Secret

Last Tuesday, Victoria’s Secret executive members unveiled a new inclusive campaign strategy inspired by the #MeToo movement. This new campaign features plus-size and transgender models following last years scandal with Victoria’s Secret’s former chief marketing officer, Ed Razek. After an interview in November 2018 with Vogue, Ed Razek and Victoria’s Secret received major backlash due to Razek’s opinion that he didn’t believe transgender or plus-size models should walk in the company’s annual fashion show. Razek resigned in August of this year and not long after the first transgender model, Victoria Sampaio, was featured in VS Pink’s back-to-campus campaign.

Over the past 42 years, Victoria’s Secret has not been very inclusive towards all women by continuously hiring models who conform to the companies standards of a perfect woman. This image worked for the brand for quite a long time, but recently has caused issues within the companies sales and with customers. As the fight for women’s equality continues to push on, the influence Victoria’s Secret plays society’s idea of a woman has become a thing of the past and is now seen as unacceptable. With the poor publicity following last year’s annual fashion show and the conflict with Robyn Lawley, the show’s viewings continued to fall, leaving Victoria’s Secret no choice but to cancel the show for 2019.

But, could this new campaign bring Victoria’s Secret back to the top? With the #MeToo Movement going on for two years now, they’re a little late to the show. However, Victoria’s Secret is taking large strides to give the best company image their customers want, even rumored to be collaborating with British designer Emily Bendell and her luxury lingerie company, Bluebella, as part of the new campaign strategy. Bluebella is making powerful moves in the fashion industry by hiring models of various sizes and ethnicity while also continuously embracing inclusivity. They also focus on making women feel beautiful and targeting their needs versus the “male’s fantasy”, something that Victoria’s Secret has been accused of for years. With this collaboration, Victoria’s Secret could be seen as a more body positive brand and become the company it once was but with a new focus: the consumer herself.

The new campaign is set to feature a diverse lineup of women, including transgender model May Simón Lifschitz, plus-size model Ali Tate Cutler, Olivia Sang, and up-and-comer Laura Rakhman-Kidd.

•To learn more about the new campaign, visit: The Cut or Us Weekly.•

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