Mod Revival

With the rise of influential pop artists, there is now a swift resurrection of the Mod aesthetic from the 1960’s. From the bold patterns to the cute short dress, it’s not hard to see why Mod is coming back in full swing. 

The whole Mod style was created in London in response to musicians, like the Beatles, performing a new wave of music unheard of before. But, like most avant-garde things, Mod quickly traveled to the United States and quickly dominated the fashion circuit for a decade and a half before slowly dying out. Now, however, in the new music scene being created today there is a sudden unexpected rejuvenation of the dormant subculture. 


The new “sad girl” indie music is one of the heaviest influencers in this revival with artists like Lana Del Rey being a stand-out in her fashion. Lana Del Rey is constantly promoting her love for the 1960’s fashion with her album covers forever stuck in the paradisiacal beauty of Mod. Mainstream artists like Katy Perry are now jumping on the bandwagon too as seen with her recent single, “Harleys in Hawaii,” showing that the rebirth of this subculture is percolating throughout pop culture as a whole. 


If you want to dress like the Mod aesthetic, go to any Goodwill and have fun! Mod is all about expressing yourself whether that be bold patterns in short or long dresses/skirts, or creative statements like brightly colored stockings. Don’t be afraid to dress the way you want, chances are that someone will absolutely love your outfit. Embrace your lust for life with this new style! 


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