The Art of Layering Clothes

Fall, the season of all seasons. When early morning rests in the high 50’s, only for lunch-time to spike to a cool summer 70, and come dusk, you’re left shivering at the bus stop in the windy Blacksburg climate. While fall can bring a variety of temperatures, there’s an easy way to prepare for whatever weather comes your way throughout the day, and look good doing it, too!

Layering clothes is a practical way to keep warm, while also giving you the opportunity to play around with different patterns, textures, and lengths to deepen and add complexity to your every day look. It can definitely be hard to layer on clothes without looking and feeling like a bulky mess. But, I’m here to show you a few tips and tricks to keep warm (or cool, depending on which season your day decides to become), and help you achieve your perfect, cozy fall look.


Bulky Pieces

Try sticking with one bulky piece per outfit. Any more than one piece and you may end up looking like Randy from A Christmas Story. By keeping most of your items on the lighter side and pairing one bulkier piece, like this grey over coat, you’ll keep warm and make a statement.



Textures are an easy way of adding depth to your look. Try out a few layers of differently textured items and your look will automatically take on a relaxed, “not even trying” vibe while still looking bomb.



Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns! If you have a patterned piece that you just love, try pairing it with solid garments to make it pop! Layering a patterned piece under an unbuttoned coat is a nice way subtly show a pop of pattern, while a patterned over coat paired with an otherwise monotone look can create a sleek, modern look.



Make sure the length of your garments compliment each other. If you’re wearing a long coat, try a lightly cropped sweater. If you don’t have a cropped sweater, don’t worry! Loosely tucking in sweaters is a great way to show off a belt! Creating varying lines with contrasting colors can accentuate your figure too. Even the length of your sleeves can create an interesting visual effect. Try cuffing your jacket sleeves to show a peek of whats underneath!



Layering tall socks under short boots is a classic, but just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean you have to pack away your warm-weather shoes! Try pairing your summer footwear with some cozy socks and you’ll have a look. Trust me, I know it sounds weird, and it may take you a few tries to get the perfect match, but once you’ve got it, you’ll have a unique statement piece that no one was expecting.

Don’t be afraid to layer your accessories either! There’s so much room to have fun and play with a layered look, so don’t be shy. Layering two scarves, or wearing your bag under your coat are easy ways to casually spice up your outfits. There’s no reason to choose between fashion and comfort, especially when this fall weather allows you to bundle up and turn heads!

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