Fashion Meets Community Service

Fashion shows are a way for models to express themselves as well as the current trends in society. With various fashion shows being presented internationally and nationally, models from all over the world have an opportunity to showcase the current styles and the many different ways to present them. In our modern society, various cultures have integrated with each other to create more diverse outfits and aspects. By integrating various cultures and creating a sense of inclusivity, every culture learns to adapt aspects of others to show an inclusive community.

Apart from culture in a community, service is also a prominent aspect. Fashion shows are a platform for people to showcase outfits, so why not global issues as well? In our world today, several global issues have risen and shown importance in society. These issues have not only affected countries as a whole, but people individually. With fashion shows that address these global issues, we can raise and promote awareness that would affect our community. By doing an interpretive fashion show, we can combine aspects of dance and fashion to represent the new ideas to raise awareness. A major part of fashion design is designing various outfits to complement certain causes, themes, and advocate for different global issues. Some of the issues include, gun violence, rally for rivers, plastic usage, animal abuse, deforestation, water depletion, etc. In Virginia Tech, and our world today in general, if people take more initiative to do things like this and organize such events, then we can build the urgency of the situation at a much quicker pace. 


So how do we do this? In order to ensure that the message is conveyed to the audience, the costume designs had to match the music, choreography, set, lighting, and props. By designing outfits that enhance the effectiveness of the problem, music that conveys the dramatic effect of the issue, props that add to the issue, the lighting, people, etc., we can effectively communicate the heaviness of the situation to the audience. Fashion shows are an outlet for this as they are a source of entertainment, as well as a platform to convey the issue. While embracing their passion as models and designers, they will be doing the community a favor. To emphasize the effect further, we could add choreographed dances. 

In order to promote such shows, we should deliver these choreographed performances. Dance is a major outlet that can be incorporated into the fashion industry to express similar concerns. Dance has more expressive movements, so grief, passion, happiness, and sadness can be expressed through different hand gestures, expressions, and movements. In modeling, we can easily depict the designed clothing and present the issue through that. However in dance, we can move with the passion behind the situation and create dynamic movements on stage. So, what would our end result be?

By combining these two forms, global issues that students would like to advocate for can be widely expressed. Furthermore, these platforms have big connections as there is usually a line of dance companies or modeling agencies who are interconnected. This would allow for the issue to reach a wide range of people and highlight the issue even more.

Overall, if students make the best out of the resources they have and deliver an effective show, then it will reach more people and have an impact on the community.

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