Internship Stressed

Lately, I’ve been running around like an anxious maniac worrying about every possible thing that can go wrong with my future. I didn’t realize junior year would carry so much pressure along with it. But, when it comes to getting the best internship, or even getting one at all, is when I find myself stressing out the most. And, I know for a fact I’m not the only one.

But now, I’ve decided to quit the constant worrying, collect my thoughts, and figure this whole future thing out. First thing I realized is that as we are going to school to study and perfect our profession, we also need to take every advantage possible associated with our profession and most importantly not be afraid too. That means: join clubs, get deeply involved in organizations, brand yourself, and stick out! I’ve realized that this is the time to take full advantage of the opportunities that Virginia Tech has given me and show off what I can do as student and future worker!

Now, I move to the stressful part where you have apply and sell yourself to companies in hopes of them believing in your capabilities and giving you a chance. But, we shouldn’t just jump into this. Prepare yourself and perfect your look. For example, go to Smith Career Center and one on one work with someone to make sure your resume is solid and ready to be sent to potential employers. It’s literally provided for free by Virginia Tech in order to ensure a perfected resume. I’ve also learned that there is nothing wrong with completely bragging on yourself because we each have something different and unique to offer, so show it!

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As well as perfecting the paper work, we all need to drop the fear of failure and instead run towards it. I’m talking, apply to the company even if you read the qualifications and think you aren’t good enough or the intimidation gets to you. You are a bad ass and any company is lucky to have the presence of you. So next time your down and stressing about your future and where it’s going to take you, I hope this is the pep talk and check list you need!


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