Make The Cut: How Short Hair Will Help You Redefine Your Style

We’ve all found ourselves sitting on our closet floor, piles of clothes thrown about around us after seemingly going through every piece we own, only to come to the conclusion that you have absolutely nothing to wear. Though you could go out and buy new clothes, a total revamp of your wardrobe can be expensive, and your new pieces can lose their fresh appeal after a few wears. Instead, the key to redefining your personal style could be a different type of change; a haircut and long tresses can often be people’s default. There are plenty of reasons why people opt for long hair; they can tie it, they already know they like it, they don’t know how they’ll look with short hair, etc. However, there’s always a first time to try everything and a short crop might just change everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Whether it’s a classic bob or a layered look, a shorter haircut can help you redefine your style. There’s plenty of versatility not only in how you style it, but also how you change up your outfits to match it.

It is a common misconception that having a short hair cut means that you can no longer tie it up when you don’t feel like styling it or have skipped a wash (like we’ve all done before). A shorter cut just means that you can get a little more creative with how you approach your lazy day looks. The recent square and satin scarf trends are perfect for this. Whenever you find yourself needing a simple look to manage your hair, you can simply take one of these scarves and wrap them around your hair in a multitude of ways. You could go with a classic headband style with it tied in the back or on the other hand, tied like a bow in the front. You can also go for a half-up, half-down style with the scarf as a tie for an extra flair.

The half-up, half-down style also works on its own either in a variety of ways. You could simply tie it, but you can also do a bun or a looser clip for a more messy, casual look. Another tool that can help you craft your look are bobby pins, especially if your hair is a little shorter and can’t hold a tie. Bobby pins can hold a twist or braid on either side or both sides for a crown style.

Once you’ve got your styling down, you’ll notice that your hair becomes a focus point of your outfit and emphasizes some of your favorite pieces. For example, a leather or suede biker jacket looks even more bold with short tresses hitting it right at the collar.
These are only a small portion of all the possibilities there are when you decide to take a leap of faith and try out short hair. If you’re in a funk about your current personal style, a change in hair can be the perfect solution, especially with short hair as it can encourage you to rethink your favorite looks and try out new trends. Sometimes, your own inspiration can come from a new you!

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