MOE Assist and the Rise of Influencers

Along with the age of social media and people being able to build media platforms for themselves, a specific term has become popularized throughout the world: influencer, which is a title or profession for many people, a job which never existed before just a couple of years ago.

An influencer is someone who devotes so much time to their social media platforms, such as Instagram or Pinterest, that they gain a large following and are able to make a living from the things that they post. Because people spend an extremely larger amount of time online, certain individuals are able to construct their social media so that it can serve as their main source of income. The emergence of new apps that connect us to one another has opened up a completely new market that requires a certain expertise, so each influencer’s social media platform can be successful.

People can become an influencer in countless different ways, but are normally regarded as some sort of expert in their niche, such as photography or travel. They gain followers from having an aesthetically pleasing photo feed that attracts a certain audience. Influencers, most times, try to share what they are doing throughout their day and make their social media stories or posts interesting for the followers to watch.   

What classifies someone as an influencer is not completely clear, as this is most often a self-given title. The way they are able to make money and support themselves from simply using social media is through them posting advertisements and giveaways in coordination with interested brands.

Influencers feel extremely more accessible and relatable to us than regular celebrities would feel. If we follow a certain influencer, we are invited to take a more private look into their lives instead of them being mysterious, as most celebrities are with their personal life.

In theory, brands will search for influencers who have a large following and reach out to them to advertise for a specific product or event of theirs. The influencers are able to connect on a more intimate level with followers, since there is a sense of trust built with them showing more about their everyday life. Customers tend to trust their recommendations, even if they are clearly advertisements, as more legit and are more likely to invest in what they are marketing.

Danielle Bernstein, a fashion blogger based in New York, began her blog WeWoreWhat as only a sophomore in college and was able to grow that blog into a multimillion-dollar company. As the business owner of WeWoreWhat, she was listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list at the age 25 for her hugely successful empire. Since she was able to build her company at such a young age, she has been on the forefront of social media, as the influencer age came to be.

From her expertise in the social media world, Danielle created and released an original online application marketed as the perfect organizing business tool for influencers called MOEAssist. As it says when your visit the main MOEAssist website, “The first Project Management and Payments tool for Influencers… Create projects, get real-time feedback and approval from clients, invoice partners and get paid, with MOE.”

Influencers are now able to have an organizing tool on their computers and mobile devices that can organize their everyday social media needs. MOEAssist focuses on the needs of the influencer and what Danielle noticed were things that she wished she had access to earlier on in her career. It offers features such as, connecting with your bank account to allow brands to deposit the compensation directly to their account. MOEAssist manages your future social media posts and captions, tracks the progress of invoices about projects, and allows you have all your information for each project in one place.

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