Dress Up Your Wardrobe the Right Way!

This sweater weather, we all want to fill our closets with cute sweaters, scarves, jackets, cardigans, leggings, and so much more. The one catch is staying warm while also looking fashionable. Nowadays, there are several ways to do this, but let’s just say that scarves, jackets, oversized sweaters, and flannels are the ways to go. Stay tuned till the end of the article for tips on how to style scarves!

White sweaters are a strong statement of fashion, especially during the fall in Blacksburg. With a cute sweater, you can look put together that day no matter how rough it’s been going. So where can you buy cheap, yet cozy sweaters? The best place to buy sweaters this season is Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Forever 21, and Free People. These stores offer a variety in the types and styles of sweaters, while keeping it weather appropriate at the same time. I know we all get annoyed when you find a cute sweater, but it would not keep you warm at all whatsoever. So try these stores, and see how they are!

Nothing says cool and casual like a flannel shirt. Although, this is a simple piece of clothing, it is something that every man should have in their closet. Flannel has made a comeback from the country vibes, and is starting to give off more trendy and popular vibes! Flannel initially began with farmers and the working class due to its warmth and comfort, however, nowadays it has come back to show a statement of warmth and modern fashion. Flannel was adopted by the grunge subculture, creating a sense of popularity and an edginess. It can be worn in many ways: layered, buttoned, unbuttoned, etc. Men tend to wear a shirt underneath and leave the flannel unbuttoned, while many also like to add a jacket or sweater on top of the flannel. Flannel shirts can be worn casually as street style, or also on dates and weekend events, all depending on how you decide to style it!

Scarves, how do we wear them? We want to be warm, but also fashionable at the same time. With scarves as a body supplement, any outfit can turn out to look fashionable!

Check out these different methods to make the most out of the scarves you own!

  1. The first one is the simple loop. Start out by folding the scarf in half. Put it around your neck then take the hanging side and put it through the loop. Tighten it as much as you need after! 
  2. Next is the celeb knot. This is fit for thinner scarves, like cashmere ones, where we can easily design it although it won’t provide a whole ton of warmth. For this style, simply drape the scarf around your neck and tie the ends together on one side. This way it hangs and has a stylish look to it.
  3. This next one, is one which most people tend to wear. The cowl neck. For this style, simply drape the scarf around your neck, then take one side and drape it around your neck in another circle. The end result should be two loose ends hanging and a circle around the center.
  4. Finally, the pretzel. In this style, focus on folding the scarf in half and place it around your neck, with the loop to one side. Pull one end through the loop. Take the other end and place it on top of the loop—then pull it through the opposite way.

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