Emos Are Back

The 2000’s was the era of a new century, style, and attitude, and with the new century came emos. “Emotional hardcore” people, a.k.a emos, were an evolutionary stage of punks from the 1990’s characterized by their head-to-toe black statement outfits, obsession with emotional punk-rock music, and the creative eye-catching hair creations. Like the punk scene, they dominated the music, style, and media scene of the early 00’s as so many young adults and teenagers connected deeply with the notion of expressing how different and unique you are compared to “normal people”. Their text lingo also influenced many novel mobile phone users as it was considered a rather cute and fun way of expressing emotions with this new medium. I personally cannot text anyone without slipping in at least one “:3” face. That all being said, emos were slowly forcing their way into obscurity as the new bright and “natural beauty” style became the focus in the later 00’s and 10’s. But like a phoenix rising from its ashes, emos came back and with a new name: E-boys/E-girls.

You might be wondering, why are e-girls and e-boys emos? Aren’t they their own thing? Yes, you are right, but how different are they really? Let’s go down the list together: colored hair, black clothing, graphic band shirts, layering of clothes, piercings, and painted nails; this is why I think emos evolved into the new e-person style. Some may say this is just punk coming back again for the millionth time, but I disagree. Let’s talk about the true meat of the comparison: the clothing. Black outfits with dangly jewelry are the uniform of both emos and e-boys/girls, and add a graphic band shirt with a layer of long sleeves and painted chipped black nails if you’re feeling extra frisky. But that being said, clothing is universal and truly anyone can wear anything they want how they want it. But, the music and the aesthetic style are what connects the two. Emos are known as “emotional hardcore”, and e-people’s dominant musical artists are everything emotional. Artists like Billie Eilish, Lil Peep, XXXtentacion are always on a loop within their Spotify playlists. Those artists evoke emotions within the e-girls and boys unlike any other artists. Outside of the artists, let’s discuss the hair coloring. I don’t know about the rest of you, but in middle school I had to deal with my closest friends dyeing their hair pink and purple with jagged bangs and split ends. So, imagine my surprise when I saw 16 year-olds with the same hair in my little sister’s high school. I don’t think these things are coincidental at this point, the emos have and will continue to have us in a chokehold, and they just readjusted their grip.


All in all, this was just a long-winded rant by me to express how happy, and mad, I am with the emo culture coming back. As a former emo kid myself, I love how its effects are creeping back in, but I hate that it’s more acceptable to be “edgy” now. Before I used to have to join Kik and Chat-Roulette chat rooms with the other emos to talk about how different we were. But, anyone embracing themselves is a winner in my eyes, and I applaud you for being you!

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