Relatable Fashion Through Streetwear

Streetwear, or casual everyday fashion, has become popularized throughout the whole world as a way for celebrities and fashion icons to share their everyday looks with the public. This theme branched from British fashion culture that began to heavily focus on each person’s specific style.

This type of fashion is mainly photographed on city streets, with urban life going on all around. It is easier to interpret each person’s individual style when they showcase their casual clothes and the looks that they wear the most often. Outside of shows or runways, this type of fashion is more simply represented and worn more naturally than it would be in a planned photo shoot.

Most often, the fashion looks we fall in love with are extravagant pieces, resembling beautiful works of art, and therefore worn by the same person only once or twice. Since it is impractical for most people to wear large ballgowns or brightly colored studded suits in everyday life, street style is a more functional fashion alternative.

After all, most of street style includes casual clothes, with a focus on function rather than the simple luxury of most high-end clothes. Street style then, by chance, combats fast fashion and encourages outfit pieces that are multifunctional and can match a variety of different styles. We can wear these pieces again and again, within extremely different outfits, and still achieve a desired look.


Street style is a section of the fashion industry in which people can picture themselves wearing those clothes on an everyday basis. This style is more attainable for everyday customers to find inspiration and build their own personal looks. Photography of street style displays the functionality and movement that each piece of clothing provides to the wearer, and develops a clear, honest picture of how they might look out and about.

The streetwear trend has become much more popular in recent years due to the rise in media attention around the fashion choices made by celebrities and other famous people. Even though it is hard to take so much practical knowledge about clothing from regular social media posts that include pictures that are taken again and again, this stage of streetwear is still useful for observing the newest styles.

Nowadays, it is common practice for celebrities to use their social media to showcase the streetwear clothing brands that many of them have designed or created. Or more commonly, brands will endorse a celebrity, pay them to wear a certain piece of clothing out in public, and have the celebrity comment about the specific designer in some way. In addition, several social media platforms are now connected with brands’ websites, so followers can buy clothing from the photographed celebrity right on the spot from their phone.

Street style has made casual clothes into acceptable outfit choices to wear to a multitude of events. Fashion is constantly evolving to follow many of these trends and further making casual outfits fashionable.

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