Secure The Bag

Whether you’re trying to make a statement or just need to keep all your belongings in one place, a bag is the little sidekick that you depend on. It can be the cherry on top to your fit or make you feel like you’re dragging around a bunch of bricks for no reason. Regardless, every bag has its function and you need to pick the right one for the right occasion. Below are some brands and styles to help secure the right bag for you!

Bags by Hadi

Looking for unique and luxurious leather bags for a better price than most designer brands? Check out this local up and coming bag brand that has a range of styles which will give you a distinctive look with signature designs. Every bag has hand crafted Persian Rug sewn into it, each with a one of a kind intricate design. Styles range from duffle bags, purses, to backpacks with a variety of colorways for each product. With exclusive drops, bags sell out quickly so sign up for notifications at or check out @bagsbyhadi on Instagram for more details.

Boxy Bags

A design that hit heavy on runway shows this season, boxy bags are new look you could try if you’re not the type to carry many of your belongings on you. They’re great for completing you’re fit without being the center of detail, while still adding that final touch you need. You can find a variety from SSENSE and Nordstrom likely at a great price this holiday season.

image 3

Belt Bags

A style necessity if you’re European, and a trend that’s quickly beginning to take off in the U.S is the belt bag. The reason why it’s considered a necessity is because of the massive popularity of cigarette smoking. Most Europeans prefer to roll their own cigs by hand, so keeping rolling papers, tobacco, and a lighter on hand is a must. Combining utility and style has catapulted this style as a front runner for hottest bag trend in recent seasons.

Eastpak Collaborations

If you’re simply looking for a stylish backpack, then start off by taking a look at Eastpak’s collaborations. They’ve joined forces with names such as Raf Simons, Alpha Industries, Vetements and many more for sleek looks for a cut price compared to name brand bags. Most are similar in design with simple yet clean styles, but all have unique twists depending on who the collaboration was with.

Slide View: 1: Eastpak X Harris Tweed Padded Pak'r® Backpack

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