Fusion Meets New Cultures

Fusion: the idea of combining several cultures or even a couple with certain western cultures has been very popular nowadays. International cultures, like Indian, Italian, Chinese, for example, have integrated within western cultures to design outfits that fit both. Additionally, this style of fusion has been adapted by a majority of the people, especially in the Indian community, also known as “Indo-western”. An example might include, wearing jeans with a saree blouse, dupatta, bindi, bangles, and heels. This shows the integration of both styles and how it can come together to represent one piece. 

This style has been adapted to various situations and developed ways to accommodate for dance videos, photoshoots, fashion shows, etc. Many Indian models may wear the outfit as aforementioned or other forms of it to portray their visuals. Dancers tend to wear a fusion of clothing as Bollywood songs can be used for hip-hop dance styles as well.


Nowadays, there are many artistic and creative designs which complement all cultures and have found ways through which people can use them as a means of self expression. By wearing a fusion of styles, not only are they depicting the cultures, but they are also showing their creativity. There are endless ways to add aspects of a certain culture with simple pieces of clothing. In several states there are “fusion stores” where they sell clothing made from fabric, designs, or style of another country. Some stores in New York have partnerships with Asia and Europe through which they can get different sponsorships and partnerships. By partnering with authentic stores in other countries, they will be able to get the “fusion” aspects in order to make the best of what they can sell.

These may also be called the “contemporary” or “modern” look of this decade, as it has become a worldwide part of fashion. Many fashion designers have started using these in their shows, even dance choreographers in their dance productions, and artists in their paintings. The idea of “fusion” has spread to shoes, jewelry, makeup, accessories as well, not just clothing. This concept has made a positive impact in our society and is continuing to grow today.

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