Styling Denim on Denim

Everyone always used to tell me that a rule of fashion is to never pair denim with denim. Well, rules are meant to be broken and I believe that this one ought to be. I think we are all scared that styling denim on denim will turn out like the 2001 denim power move of Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake. But, it’s simply not that extreme and can honestly can be a great alternative to a classic set.

When I style denim on denim, I like to keep it simple yet chic. I think that if you are going to stand out and take the “risk” of wearing denim on denim, you need to keep it the main focus of your look. Since it’s difficult to find denim sets, I try to match my top and bottom with similar denim fabric. That means, choose your favorite pair of jeans and try to find a denim jacket that is as close to the shade, distress, and style of your jeans. Rarely do I try to mix and match denim pieces when pairing them together because it could turn into a disaster. Also, stray away from wearing blue with denim on denim because you might just overdue the color and bring us back to the meme of Brittany Spears.

Personally when I style denim on denim, I like to keep the western vibe that it gives with the accessories that I choose. Pairing a cute buckle, animal print, or jeweled belt will create a separation from the two denim pieces so that it doesn’t look like the outfit is all colliding together. You can also emphasize this separation by pairing any solid color, other than blue of course, or pattern as a top under a jean jacket, for example. Easily throw some accessories on with a colorful pair of glasses, necklaces, or hand bag and your denim on denim look is casual, chic and most important, wearable!

So, don’t be afraid or stick with the old rule of never wearing denim on denim. it’s meant to be broken, crossed, and styled. Overall, the things we are told that don’t pair together, can end up looking strikingly the best!


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